Counseling and therapy for...

  • Depression/anxiety
  • Gambling
  • Marriage issues
  • Addiction of any kind
  • PTSD
  • Any many others...

Psychotherapy & Counseling Services, P.C. in Northville, Michigan, is an outpatient counseling clinic specializing in a multitude of counseling types. Our private clinic is located on a beautiful lake, a perfect place to capture your inner serenity. We offer flexible hours and a team of veteran therapists. We accept most forms of insurance.

We love helping people and seeing them get better after multiple sessions. Our team loves the challenge of conquering our clients' problems and the reward of seeing them happier at the end of our time together. We are always available when you need us.

We can help.

Arnold Keller, LMSW, CSAT

Michelle Hollo, LMSW

Pamela Mandela, LMSW

Roger Manela, LMSW

​Deanna O'Dea, LMSW

​Barbara Lanasky, LMSW

Phone: (248) 348 - 1100

Fax: (248) 348 - 3410


Northville office:

640 Griswold, Suite #300

(248) 348 - 1100

Northville, MI

Brighton Office:

8123 W. Grand River

Brighton, MI

(810) 227 - 5659