Effective Counseling Program

Our outpatient clinic features a clinical therapy team of independent therapists who provide on-site individual, family, marital, psychotherapy, and counseling. We begin with an initial screening to determine your needs and a treatment plan to address these needs. We also determine your preferences and schedule your therapist. We can accommodate your schedule.

Milestones Addiction Programs (MAP)

MAP is comprised of State Licensed programs to assess, treat, and help with drug and alcohol abuse, compulsive gambling, and sex addiction. After screening and assessment an individualized treatment program includes individual therapy and possible psychiatric evaluation in the case of co-occuring disorders.
Our milestone-based addiction counseling program can help you with substance abuse of all types, including alcohol, drugs, and smoking, as well as eating, gambling, and sex addiction. We utilize evidence based methods of therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and in-depth psychoanalytic therapy.

Treatment methods are based on the individual needs of our clients.